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Some of these provide additional info for various countries. 1% of GDP against the area average at 34. OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). 9 percent, according to the report. 3%. Citizens for Tax Justice looked at taxes collected as a percentage of GDP in the OECD countries and found exactly that. March 30, In the following table we present the net salary in 27 OECD countries. This is what is learned from the organization's latest Revenue Statistics. Greece is the only country where you pay more tax if you are married with children. World Bank. 5% for married couples with children. The country with the lowest tax burden is Mexico, with just 16%. In fact, in 2018, the tax burden stood at 42. Tax revenues fall in OECD countries. At the top of the ranking is France with a tax burden that exceeds 46%. Of the 34 OECD countries, the US our tax burden is among the lowest in 16. 15, 2010. It increased in 21 out of 34 countries, fell in 12, and remained unchanged in one. Dec. OECD Observer: Sections » Economy . Denmark is confirmed as the OECD’s highest-tax country, followed by Sweden, while Mexico and Turkey remain the lowest-taxing countries, the latest 2008 edition of Revenue Statistics says. Federal Tax Revenue as Share of GDP 1990-2009 for 148 Countries - excludes voluntary insurance programs. Denmark’s tax-to-GDP ratio stood at …in individual countries is relative indicators such as the tax burden of a taxpayer with an average wage, the calculation of an efficient tax rate or measuring the tax progressiveness. France ends Denmark's 14-year reign at the top of the OECD's world taxation report. we then calculate Across the OECD, tax rates drop by an average of 5. The average tax burden on employment incomes across the OECD increased by 0. Tax Burden on Salaries-OECD Countries. At the end of the article are links to tables. More on this subject. 2 of a percentage point in 2013, to 35. The aim of this paper is to compare the development of the tax burden in selected OECD countries. 04 Among the 37 OECD countries, Italy ranks seventh for the tax burden. Net salary is the take-home pay that is left after we deduct the income tax and employee’s social security benefits for retirement and health insurance from the gross salary payed by the employer. The 2013 rise follows …World Tax Index – WTI, a summarized multi-criteria tax burden indicator, with the aim of capturing the problem of tax burden in OECD countries more accu- rately than by using above mentioned indicators

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